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With the high demand we experienced in past years, ZeekHelp have matured to set this unique service and many others in the telephony arena, as a sub-brand, which offers a wide range of business telephony services, under the brand: ZeekTel. Make sure to check our unique website, dedicated to this specific notch.

Telephony / VoIP

Setting up an office phone system doesn’t have to be a hassle. With today’s tools and technology, traditional phone systems are no longer a necessity in business. Instead, many business owners are moving toward Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Plugging directly into your computer system and allowing you to save money on hardware, these VoIP systems can also save you money and simplify the setup of your new telephone network. And, with ZeekTel working to install this new telephony system, you can trust that it will be done quickly and deliver the most efficient configuration for your business needs.

Of course, some business owners don’t realize that VoIP can be configured to work with just about any office environment. Need the ability to conference call between individual employees? We can set that up. Looking for an integrated intercom system to facilitate simpler communication throughout the office? Just ask for that feature. Whatever your individual challenge might be, we’re up to the task.

Another advantage of VoIP is that your system can be configured to allow call forwarding to mobile devices. This way, when your management is out of the office they can set their phone to away and have those calls relayed directly to them. Since all of this is wired through your computer system, you don’t have to worry about extra clutter along the way, which makes managing the office that much easier.
Remember, Zeekhelp has served many Tri-county businesses over the year. Specializing in large commercial networks and VoIP systems, our CompTIA A+ certified IT support staff is ready to configure your system to accomplish anything you might need.

If you’re ready to setup a new telephone or voice over IP system, Zeekhelp is there to ensure you get the most cost-effective setup. To get started, call us or contact us to schedule your estimate.


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