CCTV/IP Security

While technology today has created more opportunities and conveniences than ever before, these conveniences also bring with them the constant threat of attack. Whether its an outside entity trying to access your system or unauthorized personnel intruding on your property, protecting your business information can be a difficult task. Fortunately, Zeekhelp is here to ensure your security is covered.
Serving the Tri-county area for 15 years, Zeekhelp IT is proud to provide businesses with custom-tailored IP security and CCTV solutions to help protect both their physical and digital assets. One of our specialties over these years has been in building custom security solutions to ensure commercial enterprises are able to protect their assets, both physical and digital. Holding the highly sought after A+ CompTIA certification, our IT support professionals have experience working with high-level commercial clients to develop fool-proof security systems that keep your business safe.
When it comes to passing files throughout your network or transmitting them wirelessly to external devices, you need to ensure your IP is secured against any outside attack. Using the latest encryption protocols and protecting that system from virus and spyware attack, we can setup an IP security system that will ensure all your digital assets are protected from harm.
On the physical side of things, you might instead want to get a CCTV camera system installed at your facilities. This sort of surveillance system not only offers a phenomenal deterrent for would-be trespassers but it also delivers an easy way to observe any security breaches and identify potential vulnerabilities in your facilities. For the highest degree of protection, you might also consider implementing an access control system.

If you’re ready to install a new CCTV or IP Security system at your offices, call or contact us for a quick estimate and consultation.

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