Managed IT

No matter where your business is at now, one of the biggest growth challenges you will face is keeping up with your expanding IT needs. As your infrastructure expands, you’ll need more resources to keep up with the demands on your servers and physical technology assets. Rather than trying to be reactive in your responses, many businesses find it much more beneficial to take a proactive approach to their technology management. With managed IT support, you have the assistance of Zeekhelp when you need it. Whether it’s maintaining the performance of your existing servers or helping you expand, with our managed solutions you can trust we’ll be there when you call.

For small business owners, it makes sense to pay for IT services only when you need them. But, as your business expands and reaches new heights in its growth it becomes more pertinent to have a full-time IT support provider available. Rather than hiring internally and dealing with management, hiring costs, and training, using Zeekhelp for your managed IT ensures you start out right. Our professional support staff is A+ CompTIA certified, which means we have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage large corporate networks. Even more important, our 15 years of commercial experience help us provide custom solutions to fit your project.

With Zeekhelp IT on your side, you’ll never have to worry about lagging server performance. And, since you’re paying a flat monthly fee for this managed service, you don’t have to call out for emergency repairs if things do go wrong. We manage virus and adware protections, optimize your servers, schedule regular backups, and continually monitor your system to ensure nothing goes wrong.
When your business is ready for managed IT support to bring it to the next level of performance call us or contact us and receive a free consultation to get started.


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