Smart TV Installation

A Smart TV is truly a testament to the technological innovation we have made over the years. Featuring built-in internet connectivity and a host of applications to enhance your viewing experience, these advanced televisions are a step above the rest. Of course, with increased functions comes a more complex setup process. At Zeekhelp, we understand that your time is important, so if you live within the Tri-county Miami area, we’re happy to help save your time by handling the setup of your new smart TV.

From unpacking your new television to setting up all peripheral equipment, we’re happy to send an IT support professional to your home to help set-up this new purchase. Looking to mount your new purchase in the perfect spot? We’ll be happy to take care of this for you. Our professional staff will show up to your door with a smile and handle the installation from start to finish. This means organizing all of your cables, mounting it where it belongs, and performing the initial setup.

If you have a sound system or home theater you wish to connect to your new television, we will gladly handle this setup as well. Remember, your new Smart TV features some of the most sophisticated applications, so we will make sure you understand how it works and setup your cable connection, plug in any video game consoles, and configure your remote to your preferences. When we finish, we’ll leave the work area just as we found it, ensuring there are no left over boxes, loose wires, or any other messes left behind.
Offering prompt in-home service and competitive pricing, the friendly team from Zeekhelp is here to serve. When you’re ready to get your new Smart TV installed, just call or contact us and we’ll get your home set up in no time.


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