Access Control

Customer privacy and protection of industry trade secrets are more important than ever before. With advances in technology, securing your information against unauthorized access can be one of the biggest business challenges you face. Whether you’re in a particularly sensitive industry like research and development or medical service providers, or you just need to maintain security within your organization, there are plenty of ways to bolster your defenses. Among those methods, Zeekhelp is proud to offer custom access control support to fit your business needs.
Setting up an access control system involves networking the entry points with your own servers. To ensure there are no workarounds, you need a secure system in place that makes it easy enough for your personnel to enter and leave but still provides the essential protection to keep unwanted visitors out. Whether it’s a keycard system, fingerprint reader, or other forms of entry validation, the access control technology today affords your business plenty of protection options.
At Zeekhelp, we have experience working with large-scale secure facilities. In our 15 years of operating, we have build access control systems that maintain optimal security without inconveniencing the on-site personnel. This is essential for those organizations that need to streamline movement throughout their facility by key personnel. Since we can work with automated gates, security doors, and a variety of other entry and exit points, we can really customize the experience to fit your organization’s needs.
In addition to installing these control systems, we are also ready to provide CCTV cameras for added security. These cameras can work in conjunction to your access control and provide a manual way to monitor activities. Of course, we also work with existing access control systems, diagnosing and repairing issues that might have arisen over the years.

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