Computer & Printer Setup

So you got a new computer and all the necessary hardware you need to use it. You boot it up and are excited to get started. But then you realize all cords are scattered everywhere and you can’t even trace which ones go to which device. Rather than getting yourself into this mess, it helps to have an IT support professional there to handle your computer setup. Of course, dealing with the hardware is just the beginning of your challenges.

Most computers come with so much pre-installed trial software that even if you know what you’re doing you might end up unsure of yourself. Each of these trials eats up your system memory and makes for a busy desktop that leaves you wondering what the right program to use is. When you have a Zeekhelp technician on your side, you don’t have to worry about figuring this out. Let us know what you need and we’ll get everything setup to your liking.

At Zeekhelp, we work with all your new computer and laptops to ensure they are setup to your specifications. We’ll optimize the configurations to really suit your needs and ensure you have fast access to those features you need the most. Don’t need some of that pre-installed software? We’ll clear it up for you to save you hard drive space and keep your system running at peak efficiency.

In addition to computer setup, we are also happy to get that new printer of yours up and running. Today, these scanner/printer combination devices have brought more convenience to the home than ever before. Unfortunately, they often also involve some of the most complex setups. Rather than get frustrated over these systems, contact us at Zeekhelp and we’ll get it set up for you. This way, you worry less about making it work right and more about printing out what you need.

When you’re ready to get started with computer or printer setup, just pick up the phone and call us or contact us.

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